Mr Charles Imber provides an insight into his work with the liver transplant team at the Royal Free Hospital…

It’s 45 years since the first liver transplant was done in the UK and, today, around 650 such operations are carried out in British liver transplant centres each year. Mr Charles Imber, one of the lead surgeons in the liver implant team at the Royal Free Hospital in London, describes what it’s like to be responsible for regular liver transplants.

“I am part of a large team of other surgeons and health professionals who work together to implant a suitable liver into a patient on the recipient waiting list ...

New research carried out at the Mayo Clinic in the USA highlight a potential marker that could be used to find out whether someone has pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis. The two conditions are difficult to tell apart.

The researchers have found a single marker that can be identified in digestive juices extracted during a routine endoscopy. The test needs a lot of development work but it could have an accuracy of over 90%.

Mr Charles Imber comments: “It is good that pancreatic cancer research is coming up with new ideas about detecting and treating this disease. We desperately need to improve survival rates and early ...

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