Specialist surgery

Liver and pancreatic surgery

Hepatopancreatobiliary surgery is an incredibly long name that means surgery on the liver (hepato), the pancreas (pancreato) and the gallbladder and bile duct (the biliary tree). All these are next to each other at the top of the abdomen, and their functions are closely related. It’s usually called HPB surgery.

Mr Charles Imber is one of the UK’s foremost HPB surgeons. He trained as a specialist HPB surgeon and has many years of experience in operating on the most complex cases, including patients with liver cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Liver surgery

Liver surgery can be necessary to treat:

  • 1A damaged liver after an accident
  • 2Liver cysts or benign tumours, which need to be removed
  • 3Liver cancers: these can be primary liver cancers or secondary tumours that have spread from cancers in other parts of the body

Pancreatic surgery

Pancreatic surgery is used in cases of:

  • 1Pseudocysts of the pancreas
  • 2Pancreatic cancers (cystic, solid, neuroendocrine)
  • 3Pancreatitis (but it is fairly rare for surgery to be needed)

Biliary surgery

Biliary surgery is performed in patients with:

  • 1Gallstones
  • 2Benign strictures (narrowings) of the bile duct
  • 3Gallbladder cancer
  • 4Bile duct cancer
  • 5Bile duct injuries that need repair (these can be a complication of gallbladder removal for gallstones)
  • 6Gallbladder/bile duct congenital cysts