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    Very Good
    Comments: Mr Imber is the most caring doctor/ surgeon I have ever seen. I was referred to him for thoracic, epigastric and shoulder pain, combined at times with difficulty breathing. These symptoms have plagued me for the last 15 year, at times I was barely able to get out of bed. He is the first doctor to listen and believe I was truly in pain, and that these symptoms could be caused by diaphragmatic endometriosis, in spite of the lack of diagnostic evidence. He agreed to operate and clearly outlined all risks. He operated on me, found and removed the endometriosis from my diaphragm and I was discharged less than 24 hours later. 2 weeks later I am totally free of the hellish pain that has impacted so hugely on my life for over 15 years. I am supremely grateful to this wonderful surgeon for giving me back my life.

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