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    Very Good
    Comments: I had a revised umbilical hernia operation with Mr. Imber. I initially went to see him to get his opinion on whether I needed a full abdominoplasty to correct my hernia and Diastasis Recti. I had already done an umbilical hernia 4 years ago with another doctor but it sadly came back. After a thorough examination, Mr. Imber suggested I only do the hernia operation. He was able to correct my hernia and the separation in my muscles with a small and barely visible scar above my belly button. The recovery was longer than expected, but I am so pleased with the result and with the fact that I don’t have a hip to hip sized scar ( had I gone for an abdominoplasty). Mr. Imber is the go to doctor if you have a hernia; and I have seen so many other doctors!

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